Request data deletion

This form will start the process to remove your data from the COVIDSafe secure information storage system. You will be asked to validate your identity through an SMS from the COVIDSafe Administrator.

If you have the COVIDSafe app installed on your phone, please make sure you delete it.

Please refer to the COVIDSafe privacy policy when providing information in this form

Registrations outside Australia

You can only complete registration while in Australia. You do not need to request deletion of your data if you tried to register from outside Australia.

Read more on using the app when visiting Australia.

An SMS will be sent to this phone number to complete the process.

Note: For non-Australian mobile phone numbers:

  • do not start with zero '0'
  • use the international code, including the plus '+' symbol

For example, if your UK mobile phone number is '07911123456', use the international format '+447911123456'.